I just remembered that my whole master thesis in design is out on the web.

The project became fictive app were called Youuu - the health-app that adapts to you, and were a concept were you would feed data tasks and get different graphs mixed with gamefication and incentives to do your tasks.

Some parts still holds up, but Oo, looking back it feels so out dated. the health app is designed for iOS 6, and as you probably know, the design language totally changed after iOS 7 and introduced new way of thinking apps and design. And the thesis is in Norwegian and not accessible for everyone.

But if this is of any interest to you, and you know a lot of Norwegian you can download it all here.

And this is a typical school situation were you had one idea, but some scholar said it should be something else. My initial idea, creating a open network for health anxiety, is still more interesting then my thesis. But hey what can you do.