The design process


A brand can't be created, it has to be developed. Every decision you make as a firm defines your brand. I can help you with your path and make it easier to understand for you and your costumes where you're going, what you want to convey and who you are. And with a bit of luck, by controlling your message, you can have a brand to remember.



Empathic Design


My main work method has similarities to the field of empathic design; first, I find a common understanding for the project with the client. Then I make a strategic direction, set a conceptual framework and create design elements based on this framework, which result in a tailored product for your need. I work close with my clients and evaluate the work throughout the process to find improvements and look for further development.

I’m often introduced to an idea, or a brief. To make sure we have a common understanding, I interpret and discuss it with the client.

Depending on the project, budget, time and client needs, I then develop a strategy based on market research and analytics through different methods like workshops, observation, collection of data, developing prototypes and more.

The findings are then collected in a concept. The concepts defines rules and provides the framework for the design direction.

The design result in a product tailored to your needs. In hindsight, it is recommended that the work is to be evaluated to find improvements, additional solutions and further development to strengthen the project.


Innovating accessories

Conductor of Light, created by me & Håvard Legreid, makes products that combine old and new technologies. Their first product are Reflective Tweed Buttons. The easiest way to be visually enhanced in the dark & still look good!


The Area Planer

How can you stand out in the Norwegian spatial and community planning marked?

For Ard, having a design and logo which expressed their values, was the solution. We started from scratch with  the naming process- From there I went on to make  the graphic identity, the logo, the web design and the stationery. I follow up their design by taking the employee photos as new people are hired, doing web analytics, creating newspaper ads, prints, and other elements - there are always room for new solutions and further development.