Show Reel & Self Promotion

My Show Reel is a summary of my favorite work. I've made a couple of reels over the years, the first came to existence in 2009. I’ve also made show reels for other firms. See more at my Vimeo profile


This Reel intro is inspired by the documentary Ice and the sky. Which tells the story of the French Antarctic ice explorers in the 1950s and their pioneering research into climate science. You can read more about the project at my Behance page.

For the 2016 show reel I also made a breakdown on how I made the intro.

Not a show reel but a collection of Research & Tests

This isn't a show reel per se, but could be an intro.


External Show Reels

For a short while I worked for Kind Conceptual Branding and made this Show Reel.

Music by Atella

This is the intro for the firm Bisqit show reel. You can see the whole reel here:

Client: Bisqit Norway
Produced by JHåland
Intro & sounds: JHåland
Music: Pål Myran-Håland