Capturing Light

I don't call myself a photographer, but it's essential to know photography to create 3D images, and it's a good way to sharpen my compositing skills. Both 3D and photo is based on the same features; capturing light.

Here is a collection of some of my work. I also publish free to use unsplashed photos that can be used for commercial jobs. I use this site a lot and is my way of giving back to the community.


Photo session of my buddy Ole's Apple wine. The minimalist label design was so intriguing I had to take some pictures.

If I had an apple tree I would use that as a backdrop, but I have two citrus trees instead.

Then some references. This is cool and sophisticated so why not use George Orwell 1984, and Kafka the process as a prop.

For a system I used similar colors and materials like glass, metals & wood.