Music Videos

Visualizing Music

Some of the music videos I’ve made over the years. I've used my animation, 3D skills, video recording and editing.


This is a video I made for Subshine. We were suppose to only make a lyric video but ended up making a music video.


Simple lyric video made for Miss Tati with illustrations by Robert Høyem.

We're all made of stars. In this video we travel through a human, looking at all the tiny elements we're made of. But there's an eerie feeling. It's about technology & human, health & sickness, life & death.

Atella x Frøder - Closer To Life
Eskimo recordings

Traveling through open landscapes searching for something you can't escape.

All locations in west Norway. The video is filmed in the Hardanger fjords, Hardangervidden, Bergen city & Øygarden.

Subshine - Subshine
Music: Ole Gunnar Gundersen
Words: Ole Gunnar Gundersen
Produced by: Subshine and Gisli Kristjansson
Co-produced by: Souldrop
Mixed by: Even Brenna at Souldrop Studios
Mastered by: Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios
Label: Coco&Co Records

Words: Ole Gundersen
Produced by: Ralph Myerz

BLACKROOM - What is it that you want
Words: Ole Gundersen
Filming by: Jørgen Håland
Edit: Jørgen Håland & Pål Myran-Håland

This is an unofficial music video

A Faster Track Then You is a track I made for my band Stöv. We created this video together using our limited Nikon D7 that could to burst of images for 16 frames in a half minute interval. To make this work we played the song in slow motion (half speed), and sped it up to 25 frames and used frameblending in After Effects that made natural glitching.