Privacy Notice

Personal Data


JHåland is following the law on personal data by The Norwegian Data Protection Authority. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority shall facilitate protection of individuals from violation of their right to privacy through processing of their personal data. Personal information given by customers will not be forwarded to any third parties, and are only used to deliver our product.

The site pages are enabled with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). If you can see the lock symbol in your status or address line, and the the address https (s = secure), you know SSL is used.

JHåland use one SSL on our domain, and one delivered by our system, Squarespace.  HSTS Secure from Squarespace adds a second layer of security. Enabling HSTS Secure ensures the connection is encrypted and prevents potential attackers from accessing or impersonating your site. If you think of a visit like a letter being sent from the visitor’s browser to your site, HSTS certifies that letter and ensures that only the correct recipient can open it.

We use the web hosting supplier PRO ISP. Information collected in connection with site operation is stored on own servers operated by the provider. Only me, Jørgen Håland and PRO ISP have access to the information collected.

To be sure the SSL is working take a look at Websiteplanet SSL Checker.




JHåland use Google Analytics and Squarespace embedded analytics to collect visits to the site. The information is used to strengthen the website to create a better service. Examples of what the statistics provide is how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, what websites users come from and what browsers are using.

It's not possible to track the information we collect back to the individual visitor.