The Impossible Possible

My main tools for creating 3D visualizations is Cinema 4D and Arnold Renderer. The world of 3D is huge and with endless possibilities. I've created visual effects, abstract animation spots, product visualizations & even architectural illustrations.

My 3D renderings are based on scientific principles. I aim to create the illusion of reality.

What's interest me in 3D is the possibility to create the impossible.


3D Principles


I use my process methods to find the right solution for the my 3D projects. Read more over here->

For precision work and control I use Arnold Render. But it's never the tools that are the most important. It's the idea, knowledge and the execution that always is king.

A project starts by creating or finding 3D models. If it’s a common object, spending time making a 3D modeling is unnecessary. People how spent years creating a single chair know a lot more about all the small details that goes into creating the object. If I find a model, I clean it up to make sure it meets my standards and keep the sizes in 1:1 ratio to get the lights working physically correct.

I think like a photographer, and use common photo techniques for lighting and shadow. To add great reflections I use HDRis, a spherical image taken from a real lighting situation. You can see it as sampling of light into a sphere.

I have a huge bank of ready to use textures, mostly created by me. These gives me the micro detail that add believability to my renders.

When planning the material, I use a principle called Physical Based Rendering (PBR). The basic idea is that your model should look great in any lighting situations.

The result of this process is a high quality 3D model ready for render.


Alpine Coke

For the 2018 Olympics Coca Cola made a campaign with the firm Metric. I had the pleasure to help 3D illustrate for Metric when the campaign were released.


Future Whiskey

What do you do in 2016 when you have a product which isn’t ready for a photo shoot until 2018? You make it in 3D.

It's the micro details that are important. The small nooks and crannies the imperfections, is what makes a compelling image.

Building Blocks

Make the communication effortless and understandable with clear visual aid for your architecture & interior projects.

There's a lot of elements that goes into a convincing room or building.