As a further development of the Conductor of Light brand and webstore we created a new product show case.

The reflective tweed button is a new type of product, and unusual in its product segment. Typically a reflector is a piece of plastic, Conductor of Light is a more little piece of jewelry of fabric and reflective thread, with a sensible function. To help understand what the product is, and to give a sense and felling, usage and function, it needs a good presentation.

Every colour has now it's own identifier that communicate a feeling. Gentle grey is a rainy grey day in a Norwegian fjord, Vibrant Yellow is the strong winter sun at the top of a mountain, Blueberry blue is a succulent blueberries, Forest Green is a autumn foggy pine forest, striking red is the warm red sunset and Perfect plum is some ripe plums ready to be eaten :)

The identity is a combination of British Tweed culture, Norwegian weather and light, and the autumn/winter season.