I've added more of the videos I've made late 2016 - 2017.

Fist a short project I did for the talented Miss Tati. It's a simple lyric video with illustrations made by Robert Høyem.

One for CityBox. That's an animation peace that I did for my good friends at Overhaus. It's not often I do character animation so even tho it's 2D it were a surprisingly difficult project.

I made a promovideo for my own product PolarWhite, when I released a new pack called PolarWhite Tables.

This video were one of many videos I did for Kind conceptual branding while I were employed over there the fall of 2016. I did the product renders and animation. At Kind I were turned in to a button clicker, and weren't what it ought to be, and I went back to freelancing when I got some new opportunities.