Sometimes you get to try a technique that changes the way you ser new possibilities.

This time it's Lottie. A converter tool created by Airbnb. Yes, that Airbnb.

You can create your animations in After Effects, and by keeping it to simple shapes, masks and keyframes for the animation (no effects supported).

It uses the Json creator tool called Bodymovin that are pluged into After Effects, and Lottie is on the other end handling the app part.

I used it on the Vibble app opening animation. A simple logo reveal for the easy DJing app.

The system have some huge limitations that I've came across . Like inverted mask. That's a no go.
In the logo reveal case I needed subtracting forms, but that didn't work, and I ended making tinytiny bridges that connects the different part, and create one single form. This isn't noticeable for the viewer, but adds an extra step to the process. If possible use layered shapes that are overlapping with it's own fill.

So it's early days, but it's new possibilities on the horizon. And the file sizes are tiiiiny. Like 9 kb for this animation. 

You can get the Vibble app in the iOS app store.