Designing for Music

When I heard Florence, Ole Gunnar Gundersen first single form his Long play album Easy Window, I knew I wanted to help. Subshine has been Oles project for a couple of years now and back in 2013 I created his first music video.

And it all started with a music video for the song Florence.


These are the first quick renders. The idea were more direct and surrealistic window scene. A skymap and element in iridescent metallic shader. The element represented travel, a new possible, new beginning, hence the title of the album easy window = clear new possibility and a look forward.

First version of the finished front cover were scraped but kept the bust and curtain as graphic elements.

We needed a simple photogrammetry of Ole, and we did it in daylight outside in a shaded area with even light. Looking back a simpler background to remove and more images would have given better result but this worked well. I used my iPhone, locked the exposure and took a bunch of images. The clean up were the most time consuming part.

Some cover mockups to show the idea. We wanted to do something different and removed the title and artist on the front cover. Sadly we couldn’t get the pink vinyl.