Explainers, product presentations & commercials

I've done a lot of product presentations, commercials & explainer videos. They tell a brand story, explain concepts or show product functions.


I did this brand identity video presentation in collaboration with Neue. The video is for the Vibble app, that I've also created app logo intro, and app-store presentation.

Read more over at Neue

I did this explainer video for Vibble, a dj-app for iPhone.

Video created for PolarWhite Versatile MockUp. The Idea were to show how easy it is to add your design to show off your work for you clients.

I animated this guy for Overhaus and City Box. One of few character animations I have on the interwebs.

I were part of editing, did sound design, found stock music and created the 3D animated griffin at the end for Kind Conceptual Branding.

There's been added some new shots of the product that were a bit of, so I do not take any credit for that weird editing.

I created this explainer video for Uninite and Kind Conceptual Branding. I did animation, planned and supported for the video shoot, did iPad screen tracking (flexible screen for post planning), edited and other graphic transition.

Seamless parking in Bergen with Sesam Sesam. Here I produced directed, filmed, edited & made graphics.

Go to: minioya.no/

Produced by: JHåland, 2014
Music: Pelifics soundcloud.com/pelifics
Design: Eirik Seu Stokkmo sdg.no/people/eirik-seu-stokkmo

Introduction for a live play at DNS in Bergen, Norway.


Teaser: Tore Vagn Lid / Kyrre Bjørkås
Stemme: Arild Vestre
Motion design/grafikk/komposisjon: Jørgen Håland
Tekst: Tore Vagn Lid
Lyd: Ali Parandian (Händel, overtüre fra Xerxes)
Lydopptak: Tor Endre Kalvenes