Explainers, product presentations & commercials

I've done a lot of product presentations, commercials & explainer videos. They tell a brand story, explain concepts or show a product function.

Video created for PolarWhite Versatile MockUp. The Idea were to show how easy it is to add your design to show of your work for you clients.

I animated this guy for Overhaus and City Box. One of few character animations I have on the interwebs.

I were a part of doing the end product reveal animation for this video for Kind Conceptual Branding.
I were part of editing, did sound design, found stock music and created the 3D animated griffin at the end for Kind Conceptual Branding.
I created this explainer video for Uninite and Kind Conceptual Branding. I did animation, planned and supported for the video shoot, did iPad screen tracking (flexible screen for post planning), edited and other graphic transition.
I did this explainer video for Vibble, a dj-app for iPhone.

Seamless parking in Bergen with Sesam Sesam. Here I produced directed, filmed, edited & made graphics.

Go to: minioya.no/
Prodused by: JHåland, 2014
Music: Pelifics soundcloud.com/pelifics
Design: Eirik Seu Stokkmo sdg.no/people/eirik-seu-stokkmo
Go to: minioya.no/
Design: Eirik Seu Stokkmo
Animastion: Jørgen Håland
Music: Sig. Albicocca - Un Labirinto
Introduction for a live play at DNS in Bergen, Norway.
Teaser: Tore Vagn Lid / Kyrre Bjørkås
Stemme: Arild Vestre
Motion design/grafikk/komposisjon: Jørgen Håland
Tekst: Tore Vagn Lid
Lyd: Ali Parandian (Händel, overtüre fra Xerxes)
Lydopptak: Tor Endre Kalvenes